5% of the funds will be donated to the GEN.Ukrainian Foundation for the psychological rehabilitation of children affected by the war

Luna, Ivan Dorn, Noize MC, Monetochka. June 8 - Warsaw, Letnia Scena Progresji

Four popular and unique artists in one evening on one stage.
Each viewer will see four sessions of musical magic and also help Ukrainian children.
Music that sounds for life. Music that sounds for the future.

A portion of the proceeds from the purchase of each Music 4 Life concert ticket will be donated to the Gen.Ukrainian charitable foundation, which is involved in the psychological rehabilitation of Ukrainian children affected by the war.

You can also support the foundation directly -

Progresja(letnia scena)
Ivan Dorn - a singer, songwriter, producer, who burst onto the big stage like a bright comet in 2010. He constantly changes styles and seeks new sounds.
From the first days of the war, he publicly supports Ukraine and engages in charitable projects.
Noize MC - one of the most recognizable alternative artists.
Since 2014, Noize MC has taken an active pro-Ukrainian position. In February 2022, he condemned Russian aggression and moved to Lithuania. In spring 2022, he held a series of charity concerts in support of Ukrainian refugees.
Monetochka - an indie singer, whose songs, according to critics, combine satire with common sense on the brink of cynicism. In February 2022, she condemned Russia's attack on Ukraine, emigrated to Lithuania, and then conducted a charity tour together with Noize MC in support of Ukrainian refugees. Together, they raised and transferred over 420,000 euros.
Luna - a singer who performs aesthetic dance music at the intersection of indie-pop and electronics.
From the first days of the war, she has been publicly supporting Ukraine.
Noize MC
ivan dorn
Progresja(letnia scena)

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Do I need a PESEL to get in?
No, I don't.
I didn't get a ticket in the mail, what should I do?
Contact the ticket operator
Can the ticket be exchanged or refunded?
Unfortunately it is not possible to return or exchange a ticket
I'm under 18, can I get into the concert?
Between 16 and 18 years of age with permission from a parent. Under 16 years of age only with a parent. The parent's authorization may include the passport number if there is no PESEL number.
What time is the concert till?
The concert starts at 15:00 and ends around 22:00.